Tac - 10 tokens - One Social Project and Platform

So this is my first post on the waves forums and logically it is about my community project. I am the main developer of the project. We are finally at a point where we can start really introducing people at large to what we are working on. This project has been years in the making.

I want to start by saying our project did not and will not be doing any airdrops. Although airdrops seem to help spread awareness of a project, they also tend to turn into pump and dump tokens and we want to avoid that. There are however ways to earn our tokens which I will get into further in the post.

We call our collection of tokens TAC which stands for The Advertising Currency. In all their are 10 different tokens.

  • banTAC - a token for banner advertising.
  • teTAC - a token for traffic exchange marketing
  • vmTAC - a token for marketing with viral mailers and safelists
  • artTAC - a token for advertising through article marketing
  • vidTAC - a token for video marketing
  • socTAC - a token for social advertising and marketing
  • radTAC - a token for advertising and marketing through radio
  • tvTAC - a token for advertising and marketing through television
  • magTAC - a token for magazine advertising
  • outTac - a token for out of home market (things like billboard ads)

Currently all of our tokens that have been sold, have been sold and distributed through our own platform to a very small community of under 200. The sell orders have been entirely handled by a partnership we have with Coin Payments. We were the first (and I think only) waves tokens to be supported by Coin Payments. Also all of our tokens are sponsored tokens.

Our platform is a social network developed for marketers and people involved with crypocurrency. It includes a vast array of marketing features that we plan to expand upon. Not all features are currently developed into the platform, so some of our tokens have yet to have a real world practical use (names outTac, magTac, tvTAC, and radTAC.

Our platform also doubles as a reward system for our tokens - meaning the more posts you make, comments you like, likes you get on posts and comments, people you connect with, etc etc etc, the more of our tokens you can earn. However earning our tokens is not easy. You only earn tiny fractions of a token for tasks (which we don’t give specifics about the tasks or amounts… its just incentive to get involved and active) which over time build up.

Our platform is NOT a cookie cutter script. It is a 100% custom developed and designed social network specifically with tokenonmics in mind.

Anyone is free to check out the project and join the social platform at https://tactoken.io

Despite its unusual nature, I think people will very much find our project is legit and has a solid working platform (despite being a bit buggy at times and needing more and never ending work).

We have not yet listed our tokens for sale on waves platform (though a couple members have sold banTAC on Waves Dex). The main way to obtain the tokens is by checking out our platform and buying them inside.

I would love feedback, questions, concerns, etc. Please do keep in mind this project is like my baby, so I can get defensive about it pretty easily but I will do my best to always keep a clear and open mind about any feedback, good or bad, that I get.