The new rising smart asset Amoon

Released new arbitration smart asset "Amoon"


This contract can be traded to any token or any cryptocurrency by divine formula for the growth of the Amoon RA:

  • Price changes every 1000 blocks in the blockchain WAVES
  • The price increases each cycle by the formula 1 + (6 * cycle number) * the number of the current cycle
  • The life time of any order must not exceed 1 day
  • Allowed minimum sale price always at 1 point below the maximum purchase price
  • To trade contract you need to have Invitation (you just need to buy 250 Money Energy tokens and keep them on the wallet)
  • Transfers between wallets are allowed only with the use of token Money Energy as sponsorship token to pay the fee.

Example: Amoon are available for purchase with WAVES, Bitcoin, Money Energy, or any other cryptocurrency and tokens, and then sell it for Waves when the price reaches the desired value.

DEX pair Amoon / WAVES available at this link…

How to buy and sell Amoon and at what price?

Download the table of future prices for Amoon / Waves, Amoon / Bitcoin, Amoon / Money Energy in Excel format at the link here…

Amoon prices counted by our Community member @whois-johngalt

По-русски: Как торговать арбитражный смарт актив Amoon


From now all 1 000 000 + Amoon holders will receive an airdrop of 10 000 Satoshi. All extra Amoon tokens will be gradually burned.


Верим в божественного Амун-РА! :heart_eyes::+1: ещё закупилась…:relaxed:


Very good project. Waiting for huge price


It is too late to buy? Or this is just a silence before the storm, like it was with $alogic…:thinking:

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Nice drop :))

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Yes it must be like that… :))

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I have 10,000 of this coin, but exchange has been closed when will exchange be opened back?

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I also have some of this Amoon token.
Is the project still alive ?

how do you widraw this