The Rose Raceway: Equity CrowdSale

The Rose Raceway, a historic dirt track racing facility that traces it’s roots to the early 70’s, is taking step forward into the future. Utilizing the Waves Platform, the facility will be the first of it’s kind in a predominantly cash industry. From ticketing, driver registration, fan involvement, points & facial recognition, The Rose will be the testing ground for a new way to run events, pay winnings, offer fan leagues, award sponsorship, and develop a new way to manage & run event facilities. In a industry where every second counts, The Rose Raceway will utilize technology to give fans & racers a brand new way to enjoy an adrenaline filled sport. The Rose Raceway will educate consumers through implementation, advocating for technological advances via an industry that has stuck to it’s old school ways for over 50 years.

The Rose Lite Paper.pdf (53.7 KB) The Rose Lite Paper.pdf (53.7 KB)

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