The use of an existing 'desktop' wallet as node wallet


I have a full node running, on the other side, I have an existing waves wallet since almost a year, with full access, created with desktop application, I have public and private keys for this wallet.

I would like to use this wallet as the node wallet, so I guess I would need to transfer it somehow, with the use of desktop wallet keys to be put in node’s conf.

Can someone explain how to set up the node wallet config file to do so ?


You need an encoded seed for this, also best create a dedicated node wallet for this

Hello, MrTurtle, thanks for your answer,

Nevertheless, the problem remains the same with a dedicated wallet, indeed, greating a new wallet with latest waves client is only giving adresses, public and private keys and backup phrase (unencrypted).

From ,

I guess i need to copy the dedicated wallet encrypted seed in the node’s waves.conf file , seed section

I have also guessed this seed is an encryption of the backup phrase. Latest client does not give an encrypted version of the backup phrase as it did in previous versions. So, if I have all guessed correctly (please confirm I am right), how can I encrypt my backup phrase to put as the seed in waves.conf??? I think I need to do it with the node’s API, but how ??

thanks for your help.

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" Wallet settings

In wallet section you can configure wallet built in Waves node.

Use file parameter to set the path to the wallet file. By default, the path to the file is calculated relative to the base application directory.

Parameter password could be used to set the password string to protect the wallet file.

Using seed parameter you could recreate an existing walled on a new node. Provide the BASE58 string of your seed here. If you don’t have any existing wallet comment out this parameter and start the node. During the first run, the application will create a new wallet with a random seed for you. In this case, the seed will be displayed in the application log. If you miss it or if you don’t want to check the log files, it will also be available in REST API using the wallet/seed method.

Warning: The wallet is a critical part of your node. Better to create its file in a safe and protected location. Don’t forget to backup your wallet’s file. It’s recommended to remove the seed from the configuration file immediately after the start of the node. If an attacker gains access to this seed string, he has access to all your funds on all your addresses!"


Thanks, please forgive my newbyness, What shall be hashed (backup phrase ?, private key ?) ? and how to do so ?

Thanks for help

From above post a quote, keywords are seed and base58 string

Is there a utility on the API to convert the seed in Base58 or shall I find an online convertor ?


Not sure, you would have to look into the api yourself, sorry