The Waves Debug

I have created a new project again — Waves Debug.
The tool allow you to set the parameters of transaction and run it with the specified parameters.
You can test the SC scripts with it.
Operations are performed by the client.

Don’t forget to install Waves Keeper.
Feel free to create issues and pull requests.

The project, including all technical details, will be described soon.

Other projects:


Now you can create an array of transactions and perform them selectively or all at once.

Great application!
Can you make it possible to send transaction on Testnet, please?

You can do it) Add testnet account to waveskeeper

Seems it is not working at all atm. Mainnet or testnet, when I press “Sign and publish” or just “Sign all” - nothing happens, no TXs aproach in Keeper for signing. Problably we have changed some interfaces in Keeper, can you check please?

If you execute transfer, specify “assetId”: “WAVES”
Previously worked with empty field

Asset script (field and transaction) added

The project has been moved to