There is no Web 3.0 entry point

No entry point

Web 3.0 is good, OK, where is the entry point? And how does it look?

Seriously, i don’t understand the core feature of the Web 3.0. Where should it start for an user?

Let’s imagine the whole beauty decentralized application working on Waves Platform. It works technically flawless, everything is fine, except one thing… How the user start to communicate with the blockchain?

Currently we have entry point and other hard-coded or default stuff without which everything will fall apart.

There is no decentralized entry point to Web 3.0.

Am i wrong?

No fees for public traffic

For now i see only one decision for an app, to make a list of available nodes hard-coded in its code.

This will lead to a new problem. Such applications will parasitize on free resources. As the traffic grows, it will become noticable. The majority will shut down free access, or limit it. Noone should serve others for free.

So the second issue is here: all Web 3.0 applications are parasites in the current state.

Am i wrong?


The client and the keeper must receive data from the locally installed lite node :slight_smile: