those who have not ticked off, give the chance to reissue the token for 100 waves.

Now the cost of creating tokens is 1 vaves and also the re-issue of the wand is worth 1 wave. But this does not allow you to re-issue tokens to those who did not tick, actually I suggest in such cases to give the chance to recreate a token for 100 waves if there was no tick, how do you like this option?

Reissue is allowed How to create a token

Total tokens. Define the total supply of your token. The total supply can either be fixed at issuance or increased later by making the asset re-issuable;
Reissuable: Re-issuable defines if an asset issuer can increase the token’s supply at a later point or not. If set to “Reissuable”, the issuer can increase the supply any time. It’s also important to know that if re-issuable is set to true at the beginning, it can still be changed to false at a later stage;

If you set not re-issuable, you can’t pretend it becomes re-issuable again, because the currency in circulation affects the price of the currency.

i.e. If you have 100.000.000 coins and you issue coins investors will see the value of their coins (unit price and total) to decrease enormously.

Standards have already learned precisely after this error. Why not make it possible to pay 100 times more but issue coins if you did not previously provide for release or nebylo in the panes, the road map and so on? For example, a contest to arrange, advertising and so on. The price depends on the creator of the token.

Do you have the possibility of an emiss if it was not provided only for a large fee? Years go by, everything is changing, development is under way, who knew that a tick will bring so much trouble? Now I personally need to buy tokens from others and these tokens reward the winners, it’s not very good. If the plans were to invest 1% per day, in the future I will need my coins, which I will pay investors, but because of a tick this will be impossible.

by the numbers you can limit the amount by 50-100 million and the fee for a one-time issue is increased, I do not propose to do it for free, not costing 1 vaves as it is now and hundreds of times more expensive, for example, the cost of emission for those who it does not have to cost 100 or 1000 waves, scrap taku sumu nepitanya proposal for good projects or make the cost of 5000 waves why no I do not understand?

This has been discussed enough Emir.
It does not make sense to allow reissue as this would defeat the whole purpose of the tick in the beginning.
I’m closing this thread.