Ticker symbol lack: pro & contro analysis and possible solutions

I’d like to discuss with the community about this problem: the lack of a ticker symbol for the new projects on Waves Platform.

It’s been a year, correct me if I wrong, that it isn’t possible to add it and there are few news about future decisions.

The purpose of this topic is to discuss:

  • pro & contro of this status of fact
  • proposals for possible and realistic solutions - easy and fast to be applied, cheap, automatic.

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Let’s start with a list of PRO & CONTRO of both Ticker symbol and Asset ID.


Ticker Symbol ABCD Asset ID 2xfsk3fK6Pa95Lvo2cdGv30m
BRAND Yes What is BTC? Almost all investors know it. Ticker symbol is a really important part of the brand. i.e. while trading, searching, use hashtags… It is not acceptable to think that you can do without No, it can’t be a brand What is 2xfsk3fK6Pa95Lvo2cdGv30m? Eh? What?
Lenght Short Easy to remember Too much long Hard to remember
Scams Short Unique, it does its work Too much long Unique, it does it work. Or not…? Since it is hard to remember, no one will check it. And the token name isn’t unique.
Exchange Listing Compliant with the standards Required to be listed on the other exchanges Non-compliant with the standards Useless, no one will accept it to list your tokens outside Waves Platform
CoinMarketCap Accepted You CAN add your coin on CoinmarketCap Not accepted You CAN’T add your coin on CoinmarketCap
ICO trackers Accepted You CAN add your project to ico trackers Not accepted You CAN’T add your project to ico trackers, or you have to add false data, because asset ID it is not accepted or it is too long to be filled in.
Professional project Yes Tokens got a ticker symbol as any other cryptocurrency No People outside Waves Platform can’t imagine the reason of the lack of a ticker symbol. In their minds they thinks: “Is is a scam coin?” And they stay away
Serious Platform Yes Tokens can be listed in every exchange No People outside Waves Platform can’t imagine the reason of the lack of a ticker symbol. Why should I create a token that can’t be listed in other exchanges?
Inequity Projects that already have a symbol on Waves Platform have greater visibility The projects without a ticker symbols on Waves Platform look like second-class projects
Pair visibility on the DEX Yes It is easy to see BTC/ETH No To find a pair starting with a long token name you have to click on all available pairs or use search bar, because only part of the first token name is visible and nothing of the second token name
Share your analysis


It is not clear why this platform can’t have a ticker symbol. The reason given seems weak.

A possible solution could be:

  • Allow the use of a ticker symbol. It should be unique.
  • If you can’t make it unique, add a green color to ticker symbols used for the first time, and a red color for those already used, to prevent fraud attempts
  • Also add a verified badge like this :white_check_mark: to projects worthy of trust.

I think this is the best solution to this problem.

Now it’s your turn. Share your proposals for possible and realistic solutions. Remember: it’s important that your solution should be easy and fast to be applied, cheap, automatic.

A table with your proposals will be filled and a poll opened to vote the best solution when we reach enough alternatives.

Actually, you are right. Serious token created in Wavesplatform should be given ticker, and scam token should be filtered and not to be able to send it. Scam token in waves diminishes the reputation of waves token making it all a joke

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Absolutely right…I am actually one of the coins that are serious but cannot find out a way to create a ticker…do you know who I can contact about this issue?

Asset that are created in waves have no ticker for now! The waves TEAM stop the verification process, but you can try to contact waves support!

Thank you Redfish I will try that…