To add to the RUB exchange

I suppose the question of integrating RUB depends on whether the guys have agreements with banks, or it is easier to add a currency?

there are many payment systems working with rubles, for example, ahhh! Output/input can be implemented through these systems. Moreover, they are multi-currency, it will be an additional plus and an alternative to working with Bank cards

What a beautiful thought

They’ve got to have agreements with the exchanges they are listed on. I guess they will comply with all the legal issues after, but it’s definitely not the easiest process nowadays.

Interesting, but this kind of integration can be quite expensive for the company, I guess

I don’t think it is expensive. PayPal and other similar platforms are interested themselves in partnering with as many companies as possible, so the process of integration should be quite easy to attract customers

I do not think that it is more difficult than to conclude a contract with the company about receiving payments through Bank cards. as a rule, payment systems are much easier to connect and more willing to enter into contracts.

What exchanges do offer RUB transactions?

Well, yeah, e-payments system are easier to be integrated than banks

I have never been interested in this. It’s mostly USD and EUR everywhere where I look.

That’s true, but the partnership have to be beneficial for both sides. Not every coin can afford it with the current market state.

for example

I RUB personally not too interested in as a user. But the token I issue is designed for Russian-speaking users more than for English-speaking ones, so there is a lack of opportunity to trade in rubles.

I also vote to enter a new RUB gateway.
I’m actually Italian and I tell you that the dollar and euro should be avoided like the plague.
Yes to the RUB gateway.

I have tried to google this issue. I haven’t found any RUB exchange

Someone in the comments above has offered a such one

Yeah, I don’t know maybe Russian users are more interested in trading usd

Wow, what’s wrong with USD and EUR?

USD and EURO come from private banks.
In fact they are private currencies and the bankers are working to bring poverty to America and Europe.
If you hold paper money by hand, remember that they are no longer called banknotes but are called “paper money”.
Excuse me, going back to where we were staying, take for example € 20, look at the € 20 very carefully and you’ll notice the ECB “copyright” symbol.
If they want they can say that tomorrow the euro is only cartastraccia.
Then not to mention the American and European economic system based on “debt money” that is ruining us, and the “gold reserve currency” where it is over?
Sorry if I’m out of place, if you want to continue in pm.

You think so? I mean, partnerships provide you with more growth opportunities