To add to the RUB exchange

I would like to be added to the exchange of Russian rubles.


Are there any exchanges like that? I can’t get the idea. what do you mean by ‘exchange of Russian rubles’?

As far as I know you can buy crypto with euros or dollars, but that’s it

What exchange do you exactly mean? I thinks there are some exchanges that offer RUB transactions

on the platform of waves can be traded with fiat money only euros and dollars. I would like to be able to trade Russian rubles

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I believe RUBs aren’t that widespread, so they are not supported by exchanges normally. But maybe you can convince waves to start using them

rubles of course are primarily interesting to Russian-speaking users who would like to enter rubles for the purchase of the crypt as well as withdraw immediately in their native currency. Also, traders could be interested in using the pair in rubles for trading. All exchanges certainly do not support rubles, but supports and judging by the transactions, pairs with rubles are traded well enough.

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Oh interesting! Yeah, you make a fair point, withdrawing in your native currency is much better for Russians


So, if waves is a Russian project then it definitely should have this trading option


Absolutely agree about rubles. And I want to add that more and more people will start using the WAVES wallet.


Many who make their tokens invite their customers to the WAVES platform and customers are not comfortable without rubles. I think that a couple with rubles should be done.


True. It would be much more convenient then. But if it is a Russian project, why RUB withdrawal wasn’t added in the beginning ?


I hope this new option will increase waives audience!


Yes. Will increase the audience !!!

Yes. And increase the audience !

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And what about devs, are they going to add such a feature?

I do not know if they are reading this forum but I think they are aware of their customers’ requests

I hope they do read, because sometimes users have good ideas:)

However, these ideas can be hard to implement. Well, will see.

Agreed. Sometimes ideas are ahead of their time