To be or not to be! NEW Idea!

Welcome to the community! Please support this idea and all new projects will be much easier and more effective to work! When requesting technical support, I had a bold and not a bad idea, if we look at this picture we will see the top list of crypto assets that are shown in this window by default.

Let’s use this area and place 3 new crypto assets - your tokens every day! The fee will be 1 waves for 1 day, the main parameters: 3 crypto assets, every day new from the list in the queue, applying to the queue from the window thus, for a nominal fee for each project on the platform there will be an opportunity to present your token directly to active traders, because they will see it in the top list for 1 day! And this is your first sale! Imagine if You are running at the same time airdrop, bounty and displayed in the top - this greatly will increase the level of engagement and is likely to attract future investors! And most importantly the ranking of 3 new projects every day, it will give the opportunity to develop each new project! Support our idea, it will be good!

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If so, they should be clearly marked as Ads with possibility to hide

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Yes, I think not bad)