Token Dividend Calculator, Where are u?

Please, Is there an easy to use waves calculator dividend out there?

the best way to explain what I mean is: a tool exactly like this, but for waves tokens:

The most similar tool I found, is in this topic. Just watch the video tutorial, because the website is offline.

Here are two reddit topics of people asking for the same as me.

obs: 0: I’m not a programmer, I need something normal user friendly.
1 I don’t want to roll a node
2 I don’t mind paying a lot of fees
3 If this tool were online, Mass payment list and asset distribution tools it would solve my problem, i consider it normal user friendly. But it is not online. please someone do something similar, it does not have to be free, I would be happy to pay a fee to do the calculation whenever I need it.
4 If this tool does not exist, I may choose to use a slp bch token only because of that tool. but waves is more sophisticated in other aspects. so please, can waves be perfect? just someone do that tool, please. thank u.