Token is not in List of Token at exchange and not in Wallet pinnable

Hey from germany,
i have a little problem, maybe i´m too stupid for that.

Some weeks ago i´ve made a token, to learn and to make as example for other users in a cryptoforum.

First, the token is not visible in the List at, and others can see the token only if i send a link with that tokenadress.

The token is not visible in the Wallet at the exchange, i tried to pin the token there, but no success. Only in Blockexplorer it is visible.

This is the token: Coinforumtoken: 8rfV5EpQ7hAL6HwmMs3SjUtkJiHsCCbxBHc3s1yjho8E

In this link below, when i click at the “waves.exchang” . (Why it is such a link here in the message?)

Meanwhile i tried several things without success. At trading i can see that i have 150 Million tokens and can sell them. And i can buy them too.

But it would be great if the token is visible for others too, i think so. And if its possible to add the token to a wallet, because… at the moment i cant send tokens.

I searched this forum for similar topics, but dont found. Even in google, there are only short descriptions how easy it is to make a token.

Hope anyone can help me.


Contact Customer Service on Waves.Exchange