Token release amount

After creating a token for your project, let’s say 1,000,000, should you just release them all to the Dex and start to promote? Or should you release some, wait for price to rise, and release more in stages? And what % of original amount should you keep to yourself?

I know it is most likely up to the individual but just looking for best practices here.

It’s really up to you but I would say early investors are the one taking an higher risk so they should have some sort of discount or a privileged price. You can do exactly how APIs Project did, different Dex sell wall adjusted on current waves and BTC price, and rising the wall when the pre-ico has finished

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Yeah I did the same, however I just placed all walls since the start to people could clearly track it

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Did you have a certain percentage increase for each wall? Is there a best practices amount to hold as the owner?

You can hold so much as you can justify to your buyers, and depending on the use case.

Same with increase, if you increase to high, people won’t buy.I had a few % increase.
I sold all my tokens, not sure about your project/target mcap however.
Also when to big increase, the early buyers will dump on the late buyers.