Tokengui - Desktop Wallets for tokens & projects on Waves

Tokengui - Cross-Platform Desktop Wallets

What is Tokengui?
Tokengui offers cross-platform desktop wallets for tokens on the Waves Protocol. It was launched by the creator of WavesFX to build your own dedicated desktop wallet for your Token.

You can order a wallet or learn more about Tokengui on

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here or on Social Media.

Twitter: @tokengui


Nice. Are there any links to test wallet?

No but I will probably relaunch Tokengui as I’ve received multiple question about why Tokengui is not open source. I guess it would make more sense to open source Tokengui and provide an instruction for building your own wallet.

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Yes, open source is the way to go this gives the world’s developer a change to make your product better, then Tokengui has the change come in and make the best product. In a world of copy cats quality will always ruins supreme. Open source code tend to make project development move at light speed, because now you have the worlds great mind trying to use the building blocks to make a better project.

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That being said, it won’t happen unless a funding platform like Ventuary DAO comes back to life. There has to be some sort of compensation after all. Until then, Tokengui will stick to the current model.

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Regardless I am highly interested. Your service is amazing. I m curious on if admin is able to add a page that your can buy and sell crypto. And is it possible to raise the transaction fee just a little so I can profit off all transactions.

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Tokengui now lets you specify additional tokens that shall be displayed within your wallet by default. Also, users are now able to add assets themselves.

A trading feature will not be implemented. Specific requests may be made by mail or telegram.

When will this project be open source?

Since VentuaryDAO is not available anymore I’ve created a crowdfunding page on If the fundraising is successful, source files and detailed instructions on how to build/create a tokengui wallet will be published on Github.

Is it possible to connect it to somehow?