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Goood project Tokes

Thanks Tokes

cool project

Thanks for the participation in this thread for those pasting addresses, however we must point out that this is not a simple airdrop of Tokes to a Waves address posted on the thread. To participate, you must make a transaction swap of some cryptocurrency to Tokes using the Coinswap page for Tokes:

Congratulations.Good Luck


Good concept,good coin and project…


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A big day for cannabis! The World Health Organization wants to remove cannabis from it’s most dangerous drug category.

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Declare Your Independence talks with CEO Michael Wagner.!/v/ernesthancock/2cg79ole

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I just can’t help getting all the news about vaping and cannabis for the past few years. I’ve completely gave up smoking cigarettes and switched to that is way less harmful. Also, i’ve became fond of weed as it was legalized almost a half a year ago and feeling way better that i’ve used to.

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Co-founder Gabriel sat down with Wayne from The Periodic Effects Podcast - a cannabis and science program. Check it out!

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Tokes meets with assemblyman Steve Yeager, chair of the Nevada Tech Caucus about how blockchain can solve real world problems in the state.