Tokes Platform - Empowering the Cannabis Industry

The Tokes Platform provides blockchain solutions for the cannabis industry.

The Tokes Platform was founded to solve the legal cannabis industry’s banking problem via cryptocurrency payments, however we now provide several software solutions for both payment processing and supply chain management. Please see our whitepaper and Platform page for more specific details on these services.

“Tokes” ($TKS) is the cryptocurrency used for payments on our platform, either business to business, or consumer to business.

You can trade TKS on the following exchanges:

Twitter - @tokesplatform
Facebook - @tokesplatform
Reddit - r/tokesplatform


Please consider voting to add Tokes to Mercatox exchange. The link to vote (requires sign up to create account on Mercatox, plus at least one deposit and transaction through their exchange to enable voting on coin additions):

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TheRev May newsletter -

Goodluck with the project!

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Tokes is launching a crypto bingo game starting June 5th. Message myself or use any official channels to get your card!

Catch Michael Wagner, CEO of Tokes on The Crypto Show​ talking about the needs of the cannabis industry.

Here is clip that we have posted on youtube of the first trailer for the upcoming documentary about Tokes Platform. In the documentary, the founders of the Tokes Platform describe the hurdles of the legal cannabis industry and the ways in which blockchain solutions can fulfill the regulatory and financial needs of this budding industry.

Vault Logic Kiosks are currently being prepared to have Tokes tokens integrated into their cryptocurrency offering. This will also include point of sale functionality. This important step will enable customers to buy Tokes directly using fiat.

Also, our monthly newsletter has just been released:

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The ongoing blockchain revolution promises to transform many markets across the world. One prime example is the nascent cannabis industry, which was illegal in much of the world until somewhat recently. As new crypto-projects continue to spring up globally, the cannabis industry is brimming with new ICO’s and companies seeking to take the fledgling market to the next level.

One of those is Tokes Platform, a project which strives to provide blockchain powered solutions to the complex regulatory framework that many companies in the Cannabis industry have to deal with. With some companies struggling to find banking solutions in light of these regulations, the market is ripe for an alternative.

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The full Tokes Platform documentary is now out and available to watch!

TheRev August newsletter is out! Catch up on everything that’s happening behind the scenes at Tokes Platform.

The September newsletter is out!

Vote for Tokes to be added to Netcoins!

Only a couple days left and TKS is climbing the ranks. Currently 7th! Help us get to number one, you can vote every 24 hours.

The October newsletter is out!

Tokes review by CryptoRUs.

How do you verify that cannabis you just bought wasn’t grown in Bob’s basement?

The Tokes November newsletter is out!

Gabriel, from the Tokes Platform team talks about blockchain based cashless payment solutions.