Tonatiu IBX A Working Waves Token Exchange ( Less Fee to get in ) All Tokens are Welcome

Asset ID: 7urE6CeViKC9XSgsDnEsWfTGge2TYttoY5SzY17BjEvG
Tonatiu International Business Xchange
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Tonatiu IBX is a market inside the and is a Market focusing in existing Business that trade their utilities and stocks in Cryptocuercy.
After paying a small fee and approval from out team of experts your Waves Token can be in the TIBX exchange.

TIBX can be use by companies around the world to trade stocks, goods and services. If you have a Waves Token that trades goods and services you are welcome to apply. If you are thinking of creating a Token to trade your goods and services you are also welcome to talk to our group of experts to help you along the way.

Tonatiu International Business Xchange will also be use to purchase farm machinery, and products for now just to Venezuelan companies.

ICO Nov 13 to Jan 13

To get Airdrops please join our Telegram Group @TonatiuIBXand share your Waves Wallet
( Only Paid Once) Tonatiu IBX Market TIBX Market