Tools for Issuing Asset Sponsorship


I created simple web-page (HTML, JS) to help people issue asset sponsorship.
It consists of two pages:

  1. sponsor.html = It can be used to issue sponsorship.
  2. transfer.html = it can be used to perform transfer using sponsored asset as fee.

Feel free to clone/download it from
Or you can open it directly



May be you can deploy it on Github Pages and share the link?

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One can also use simple code on C# with WavesCs:

Asset asset = Assets.GetById("3xEkwjCavAq9hKdi5awW1Mb931TtrneMeM6F8RKHUogY", node);
decimal minimalFeeInAssets = 0.0001m;
node.SponsoredFeeForAsset(account, asset, minimalFeeInAssets);

Details are here

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Thank you… I will use it on my project!

don’t forget to add option to disband sponsorship in case it is needed (token compromized and etc :))