Tradingene - First blockchain-based marketplace of trading algorithms

Tradingene - first trading algorithms marketplace for cryptoinvestors.

Token offering is planned for May 2018 with a hard cap of $12MM.


About Us
Tradingene is a blockchain-based auction platform that makes possible the creation and use of algorithms to trade in cryptocurrency and the most popular financial instruments. Tradingene brings to the marker some amazing innovations, including an accessible, technologically advanced, easy-to-use web platform for creating and testing algorithms; online courses for algorithm creators; competitive auctions for algorithms; and a blockchain-based system to record auction results and conclude smart contracts between algorithm creators and investors. These innovations solve the vast majority of market problems.

Tradingene will make algorithmic trading accessible, transparent and equitable. Tradingene provides investors access to high-quality trading algorithms and provides algorithm creators with access to investors at fair prices. Tradingene expects to popularize trading algorithms as an investment product. Tradingene has already created a platform for evaluating and testing algorithms and a database of algorithms and creators.

A token offering is planned for May 2018 with a hard cap of $12MM. For more detailed information and to propose customized terms for early investors, please contact us at [email protected]

Tradingene Tradingene’s mission is to unite algorithm creators and investors on our proprietary marketplace. The marketplace will allow investors to invest using trading algorithms, and algorithm creators will be able to test their strategies and to raise capital. Thus, Tradingene will reduce transaction costs, ensure more efficient deployment and use of capital, and promote trading algorithms as an investment product.

Business Model
The business model: the platform provides algorithm creators with an opportunity to develop and test their strategies using an AI-based, user-friendly interface. Once developed and tested, approved algorithms will be put up for an auction where investors choose the most appropriate algorithm (or portfolio of algorithms) based on their risk-return profile. All investor trades are generated by algorithms and made on investors’ brokerage or exchange accounts. Investors will pay a success fee to the algorithm creator and platform if positive returns are generated.
Tradingene will generate income in success fees from profitable algorithms, from auction participation fees, and from subscription charges for advanced modeling packages provided to creators. We will also sell analysis and market reviews to investors.

The business model fits into the current trend of economic Uberisation. The marketplace of trading algorithms will connect key market participants in algorithmic trading – algorithm creators and investors – eliminating processes and intermediaries that do not add value to the product.

Road map

Based on our market analysis and Tradingene’s unique product, we believe our project will succeed.


Will you build algorithmic trading bots based on waves api to run it on Dex?

Thank you for your interest.
On our platform developers create a variety of trading algorithms and Waves DEX algorithms are among them.
You may check out our ready-to-use platform using the links: and

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I saw connected exchanges bittrex, hitbtc, bitfinex on your website. I thought dex won’t be. Thank you!

Hello! These are the exchanges where our algorithms are trading right now. We think DEX will be one of the too because Waves community uses it quite actively.

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Tradingene ICO has been ended. It’s time to start.

Dear Tradingene community!

Do not miss our updates. A few days remain until the launch of our marketplace. The issued TNG token will be available immediately on it, so you will be able to use it on the platform. At the same time token will appear on DEX.

Follow our news for more details coming these days!