Transaction (SOLVED)

Hi I have send a waves transaction but not received? Wallet 3P5o9gyo9JFf72AotxBTrz99XWZNt7SzQZ3
Transaction ID: 5qYyzHPk8FfAto6DTeGePsK3szGpaeyvEeaodGZx924Q
Type: 4 (send)
Date: 10/21/2018 22:35
Sender: 3P3EkN6VfFir5Yz96Q2TcEBTTrQQj6qvn4B
Recipient: 3P5o9gyo9JFf72AotxBTrz99XWZNt7SzQZ3
Amount: 0.2 Waves (WAVES)
Fee: 0.001 Waves (WAVES)

What’s the question?

Wasn’t received that the question what to do

Should be there, take a look at:

Thanks I did but it’s not balance 0 weard.

Ok received only today…