Transverse [Dapp] : Escrowless Domain name transfer built on Waves

Transverse will be a Dapp based on a waves smart contract and oracle

Escrow services are a billion dollars industry

Transfer domain name ownership (anything from .com to .app) without any complicated and expensive escrow


Why the name: transverse reminds of transfer, and transverse is a type of waves

The general idea:

Domain buying / selling a domain can happen p2p, no middleman
You have to normally rely on an escrow

The domain owner sets a proxy email on the whois:

[email protected]

that’s the signal he/she is available to transverse

Owner / Buyer agree on a price

Buyer sends waves to a waves contract
subject to an oracle approval

Owner gives auth code to the buyer within 24 hours timelimit
If the owner doesn’t do it, the funds are returned to the buyer

The oracle checks whois for ownership change every 10 minutes, releases the funds

Value for the Waves network
(I believe every waves project should give something back to the network in terms of transactions value):

payments must be done in waves only
There’s is a fixed fee for any domain trasfers, adjusted to waves price. Currently it could be of 10 waves (or 10 usd equivalent) + smart contract fees

A 1000 waves bounty for the first protoype

I want this to exist, and I personally need it but I don’t have the technical knowledge to write a waves smart contract. I’m aware that currently only smart assets are available and tc waves contracts are coming.
But still, I wanted to post this to gather feedback.

Feel free to discuss publicly here so we can make this topic relevant and then pm me if you are up to the task.
thank you


hey stev. So do you think it’s doable with just waves smart accounts?


Nice project


Nice Project


Good luck!

Thanks Nice Token