Triplay token

TRIPLAY is an all-in-one sports betting & exchange platform.

Customers can purchase and sell Triplay coins with local currencies. TRIPLAY allows users to store, send, receive and exchange Triplay coins with major cryptocurrencies.

Betting exchange platform facilitates gamblers with opposing views on the outcome of a sporting event to trade their bets. Managed betting accounts lets sports betting investors to hire experienced tipsters for sports betting investment.

Triplay fund opens a new opportunity to invest upto 9 cryptocurrencies on sports betting.

Triplay founder intends to provide financial contributions on the Sports Betting Industry for the benefit of both investors and gamblers with the support of blockchain technology, all in one single user account.

Triplay CEO & Founder is pleased to find on Waves Platform the best choice to start up the Triplay ecosystem from with the strongs of blockchain tecnology provided by Waves.

the project looks like not credible :face_with_monocle:

Hi @zaykove, I started the publication of Triplay System from 2016 on social media, currently on and preparing the moving to conform a complete ecosystem for Triplay token from

Certainly, the yield earned by Triplay System is superb and could be incredible for much people. But once followed Triplay System day by day, people understand that I do make it possible to earn money on sports betting.

Triplay System is my personal Sports Betting Investment Method powered with over 15 years experience in Statistics Predictive Analysis, Applied Fuzzy Logic, Risk Management, Money Management and Expertise on the Major European Soccer Leagues.

I am graduated in Electronic & Computing Engineering (1999), accumulate over 11 years experience on Forex as Trader and Money Manager (licensed as Commodity Trading Advisor by National Futures Association -United States, between 2009 and 2012). Moved, from 2013, to Sports Betting Industry where I adapted my personal investment system (aka Triplay system) from Forex & CFDs Trading to such industry, what offers a lower level of stress and also entertainment as aggregated values.

I do bet for a living and do share it from

The Sports Betting Industry has very much to offer to serious investors, but it is not exploited with professional applications as provided by brokers in financial markets. From I do intend to adapt such applications from financial markets to provide professional investors with a new market to invest in.

See you on the top. Good luck!


Jose Giammanco
Triplay Ltd.
CEO & Founder

You are kindly invited to contact me by email: [email protected] or by whatsapp: +58-414-1887005.

Talented people to become part of Development Team are welcome!

Hi @zaykove your are kindly invited to review from time to time the topic where i will explain more about Triplay: Let's meet Triplay

Being Project Analyst on Waves Lab, you should open your mind to learn more prior to post such kind of opinion about a project. Specially, if your are looking for disruptive and new projects. In my case, we are not testing some new sort of idea; we do have a consolidated project adn we are moving to blockchain technology.


Jose Giammanco
CEO & Founder
Triplay Ltd.