TrustAmust - 1'st crowdfunding incubator on blockchain

Short anouncement:

18 000+ scam and spam tokens, ICOs that dont earn trust of community but only marketise themselves.
Great initiatives, projects and also games thats are dying without trust and promo, becouse you just dont know about them!
We gonna change this situation for Waves Platform!

We come with peace and solution:
Platform where project owners, experts and community collaborate to develop ideas to real business !

Good projects build Trust and promo.
Experts participate in projects developement and build reputation.
Users with voting previlages get valuable airdrops.
Scam projects gets filtered.
Welcome aboard !

Future implementation will allow to guide projects step by step and unlock round of investments by archiving their goals via modified DAOICO model. is ready, please visit and discuss!
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WavesLab anouncement about TrustAmust Platform
Thread in Reddit

5 Likes Can you share a link or more details?

Sure in few days we will release full algo.

Сегодня передала в лизинг немного. Поддерживаю Ваше начинание :heart_eyes:

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Спасибо! Вы так же поддерживаете децентрализацию сети! Скоро совместно с другими участниками нод, мы расскажем почему это так важно, и какую катастрофическую ошибку допускают те лизеры кто отдаёт в топ5 свои волны. is ready, please read and discuss


If you are passinate about blockchain and want to participate in our start up you are more then welcome. Our idea is to make real product, not marketised nonsense. We are straight and clear in our goals. Make product, value for the people!
Join in!

Needed expertise, 3-5y of development :

PHP: Laravel5 or Yii2
JavaScript: Node, AngularJS, ReactJS, jQuery
HTML, CSS3, Less, Sass
MySQL, PostgreSQL

If you want to participate - please contact Roman directly at telegram @aresstokrat or linkedin.

Ok, we have passed a long way since last post.
Made a research of the crowdfunding platforms and ico listings market. Our vision become stronger. We moving forward to “1st public incubator on blockchain” and develop this concept.

We developed tokenomica for the project. Some documents about our users and clients.
Made SWOT analysys.

And hoooray - We are now participants of the WavesLab! Soon there will be a official press release.

Another great thing we have one more official node of the project -
64 3P5GCSaCtQArM6s313kPP3ALz87J5ZCKmvq 0.14.4 25600.05540000

We are moving forward MVP version.

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We come a long way since last post and even more to come!
Our team is growing and MVP is coming soon.

Please join our first Q&A Session Tomorrow October 30 at 6 pm GMT

Thank you for great Q&A community !
Time to move on !
To participiate in Projects Competition MVP at TrustAmust and Waves Blockchain:

  1. Open thread in
  2. Fill maximum of information. Idea description with clear value of your project, business model, teammates (if you have any), pictures, videos ! Everything you have.
  3. Post problems that you have, quastions and tasks you need to close in near future. Post your nearest milestones as you see it.
  4. Submit a form

You have about a month to represent your bright ideas !

After MVP is ready you can register as Project at TrustAmust Platform.
You will need 1000 WCT as participation fee to show people that you have serious intentions about your project.
10 first projects will have a chance to participate in the first round !

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супер, давайте новй мировой порядок для ico!!!

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Why you posted your adress?

There will be no airdrop for now. Maybe for participants at MVP or for bounty program participants.

Здравствуйте! На бирже есть токен Tokenomica, для чего он? Как будет использоваться?

Здравствуйте, на бирже есть токен Tokenomica, он как-то связан с проектом?

thank you, join telegram chan and participate in the discussion of features!
Join our

We participated in Waves Hackaton. We made a small but very pragmatic user case - “Email identification of Waves Wallet user”.
So you can send tokens directly to email after verification process, instead of unfriendly @#$&@#$&@$@# adresses of blockhain.

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Our user case at Waves Hackaton.
We made ‘Email token transfer and identification’ - Email Oracul in TestNet. You can send tokens to E-MAIL !

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Hi Great project which has a huge potential.If u continue doing such big steps in the development of your project

guys, we are working hard, join in at our telegram - ask quastions and get ready to post your project at our MVP