TTMM Token. Bitcoin mining. Electricity cost 2.5 cent

То The Moon Mining

The project is focused on mining Bitcoin.

How are we different from others? The price of electricity, we have it only by 2.5 cents, including in the price of associated costs. The idea is simple: we buy equipment for money from the sale of tokens, each sold token receives a portion of the profit in bitcoins.

Also, the project will deduct a small portion of the profits to support high-tech startups. In fact, every investor will support startups without losing anything.

Advantages of the project: stable profitability is higher than that of competitors due to the cost of electricity; full transaction transparency; quick payback period, which you can calculate yourself with the price of electricity 2.5 cents.

Cons of the project: location in an unstable region (Donetsk), the start of payments after installation of the equipment.

Asset ID: 28itJTLwUTYqiMYMja4BH1dMj4gYGhkbppeJBQZ4KbNp

Assets Name: TTMM Token

Issuer address: 3PCwzbW5guWeiUu7sMbERfV3NTUCXhzgVUX

Website (in Russian): (after the update will be available in English and German)

Start date: 04/12/2019 06:07 UTC

Start of actual work: upon receipt of funds for the equipment

Primary price: 1USDT

Airdrop is not provided

In the future, you can exchange ASICs for tokens

Congratulations on the Cosmonautics Day! 12.04.1961 at 06:07 UTC first flight of the man in space. This date is timed to start our project.

Since 2010, direct buying of btc on the market was always more profitable, than investment into mining

Not always. If you look at the capitalization in two years, it will be clear that it is profitable for someone to buy and sell, but at the expense of those who suffer losses. Mining brings a constant profit at a low cost of electricity and allows you to scale revenues. Buying Bitcoin is associated with greater risks than mining, although sometimes it gives more income in a short period of time without the possibility of scaling with a low risk. For example, if you invest now in ASIC, in a year you will have two + cash on condition of reinvestment, and you will increase your passive income. But if you buy Bitcoin now, in a year you will have Bitcoin.
It’s like comparing the ability to get a billion dollars or the ability to print dollars. Many choose a billion, but others choose the ability to produce as much as they want.