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Details TurtleNode

TurtleNode ($TN) – Token Details;
Token name: TurtleNode
Symbol: TN
Decimals: 2 (Waves Network), 8 (Turtle Network)
Total Supply: Fixed amount of 100 million.
Re-issuable: no
Asset ID: HxQSdHu1X4ZVXmJs232M6KfZi78FseeWaEXJczY6UxJ3
Issued by: TurtleNode (BlackTurtle)
Platform: Created on the Waves Platform, base token on the Turtle Network.
Token Utility: as additional financial incentive to lessors to fuel TurtleNode’s services and tools in development.
Crowdfund Distribution: 90% Fund raising, 2% for the founder, 8% Community Appreciation funds;

Turtle Network

The BlackTurtle brand expanded its services to include the Turtle Network, which was founded in April ’18 by ‘Mr Turtle‘.

Turtle Network is based on Waves Platform technology, a Particle Network with many inherited elements and benefits.
Benefits are many and noted on the ‘Value Proposition page‘ but also include many Gateways which allow tokens to be sent To and From the network, the tokens currently include;

TurtleNode (To and From the Waves Platform)
and more…
The Turtle Network also utilizes the TurtleNode (TN) token, as the base token for the network.

Many future improvements, new gateways and additions are planned and can be tracked on the roadmap:


Description: Pool running on the Waves Platform.
Rewards: 99% of Rewards are distributed once per week, 10 TurtleNode (TN)/Block will be distributed and each pay-out proportional to staked amount.
Total Waves Leased to Pool: 734533.49572322

BlackTurtleNode Details;
Join our pool by leasing your Waves to this address & earn weekly rewards;

Lease address: 3PA1KvFfq9VuJjg45p2ytGgaNjrgnLSgf4r
Lease Alias: blackturtle
What is the Waves Leasing Pool?

Waves secures its network with a stake leasing protocol.
Every node that has a balance of greater than 10,000 Waves has a chance to produce a block.
Nodes who have fewer than 10,000 Waves can lease those Waves to a pool. This makes it possible for smaller stakeholders to combine forces and help secure the Waves network.
Note: Because the Waves you lease do not leave your wallet, leasing is completely safe, and you may discontinue leasing at any time.


Description: TurtleNodeBot notification service for the Waves Platform, on Telegram.
Summary: @TurtleNodeBot on the Telegram mobile/web application.

Standard Functions;
– Show trades (free function)
– Show transactions (free function)
– Show balances (free function).

Premium Functions;
– Setting price notifications for Waves DEX, Bittrex, Tidex
– Claim tokens from built-in faucet
– Outgoing tx notifications
– Cancel lease notifications
– All functions noted below including the Standard functions.

Premium Listing Process;

1: 10k TurtleNode (TN) required in Wallet.
2: Open a Telegram chat with @TurtleNodeBot
3: type ‘/notify help’ in the bot chat & follow the help text (see below)

To get registered please use the command /chatid. This will tell your ‘id‘.
Make a transaction with 1 $TN towards 3PQjMPKiRBim5tBGigzJmWko6tfRRtpi63W with your ‘id‘ as an attachment.
U will be added to the system. If u are not sure feel free to contact BlackTurtle.
If u are added to the system and u hold 10k TurtleNode you can add price notifications.
If u have tips and suggestions always feel free to share.
When not having 10k $TN (TurtleNode) the bot will give an error in the end.


*Turtle Network Wallet: Turtle Network wallet
*Turtle Network Block Explorer: TN Block Explorer
*Waves block explorer: http://www.wavesgo.com/
*Market Cap listings : https://coinranking.com/coin/turtlenode-tn
*Exchange : Waveswallet


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