Unable to deploy AccountScript

I’m trying to test out creating a multi-sig test… but I keep on running into the same issue… =>

Error occured
Error: State check failed. Reason: negative waves balance: 3MwqXaytrPKxhCBaa4pc36SHjFYtqoMo2gX, old: 0, new: -1000000

I’ve imported the seed into client, and the waves address I get is 3P9rLYJniWsMKeUzq95bzYp7694ffwWbWEG which has 0.2 Waves…

Why is the account address provided with ide.wavesplatform.com different from the address I get from importing the seed phrase into client?

The addresses are different. Seems like the first one from TestNet, and the second one from MainNet.

Your SEED phrase may contain more space or tab. Check again every word.