Unable to update Node (Stuck on v0.15.6)

Hey everyone,

I use custom seeds on my nodes and services
and I think one of the node wallet files was affected by the 192 Byte limit on Bas58 strings (introduced in version 0.16.2).

Is there a way to bypass the size limit so I can use the old wallet file with the new node version?

All (except one very long) custom seeds work with newer versions.


Can you not use something like pywaves? Check if you can access the wallet via the seed. Create a new node working node(longer seed) and move the funds? This would obviously not be a option if you need to keep to the same wallet address.


I can still use the wallet with version 0.15.6 with the miner deactivated because I still need to sign transactions with it.
I could do that using a library but the wallet belongs to a leasing pool with over 700 active leases. :grimacing:

I have a migration plan ready just in case but I would like to avoid it if possible since it comes with a few downsides like losing access to the alias.