Up Runner WGames (Beta) Game Based on Waves - Win WavesGames Token Free

Runner Up WGames (Beta)

Runner Up WGames: is It is a platform game, where you have to jump on floating platforms, arriving as far as you can, avoiding the rocks that go street from above and making the best score you can. the score can be exchanged for WavesGames token, then exchange it for Waves.
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How to play? it is simple.

    1. Enter our website: https://wavesgames.github.io/WGames/index.html
    1. Click on (START PLAYING)
    1. Choose the game (Runner Up WGames)
    1. Wait for it to load, Then you give it in (Play Game) and Ready.
  • Left and right to run.
  • Spacebar to jump.

Good luck, you have the best score, have fun, earn money and be the best.

Information of WavesGames :slot_machine::

Name: WavesGames :sparkles:
Symbol: WGames :sparkles:
Decimals: 8 :sparkles:
Id: FyVYA5iS4Tc1tzrDBxHfBNyJXC1QVtt4PAXteEezG8Ey
Telegram: http://t.me/WavesGamesWG
WebSite: https://wavesgames.github.io/WGames/
Faucet: https://h2ox.io/F1341_4AX8M7VWQKJB77
Exchange: https://client.wavesplatform.com/dex-demo?assetId2=FyVYA5iS4Tc1tzrDBxHfBNyJXC1QVtt4PAXteEezG8Ey&assetId1=WAVES