Update, Enable Sponsorship

I do not know where to post this topic.
As the title came the update, Enable Sponsorship.
I would like to understand well:
If I activate the service the fees will be paid with my TokenX.
For each transfer of TokenX to me will be charged fee 0.001 Waves.
All users who use my TokenX pay fees in TokenX, but then I will be deducted 0.001 Waves for each transfer made by me and my TokenX users?
Will fees be deducted in TokenX and Waves?
So for this double fee service?

I find this update fantastic, but I can not understand it and I would like someone to illustrate.

Source: https://docs.wavesplatform.com/en/waves-client/assets-management/sponsored-transaction.html

Tested now

If an user pays with sponsored fees:
i.e. pays 0.003 XYZ (-0.003 XYZ)

The XYZ token issuer:
pays 0.001 Waves (-0.001 Waves)
receives 0.003 XYZ (+0.003 XYZ)

OK thanks
Now it is no longer so tempting.
Maybe it’s good for adults, for me it’s not profitable.