USDV - Vietnamdong, Blockchain technology replaces fiat money .

  1. USDV - What is Vietnamdong?

• USDV - Vietnamdong, Blockchain technology replaces fiat money of the Vietnamese community
• USDV (WavesPl Platform Marker: usv) is a token operating on the WAVES platform.
• We provide the first blockchain banking service in Vietnam with the name: Vietnam Digital Bank - abbreviated: USDV Bank.

  1. USDV - Vietnamdong, born with what purpose?

• Vietnam has an area of 331,690 km², located in the eastern part of Indochina peninsula, in Southeast Asia. Sharing borders with the three countries, the north of Vietnam borders China, the west borders Laos and Cambodia, and the east is the South China Sea. In 2019, Vietnam’s population is more than 95 million, ranking 13th in the world. Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam is the second largest city with 6.2 million people, after Ho Chi Minh City, 6.4 million people.

• Overseas Vietnamese in the world: According to the Diplomatic Academy in 2019, the overseas Vietnamese community has more than 8 million people and is unevenly distributed in 103 countries and territories around the world, 98% in those are concentrated in 21 countries in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia and Oceania.

• With the large Vietnamese money user community. We will issue USDV as a peer-to-peer, non-governmental payment currency for the Vietnamese money user community worldwide. With the advantage of fast and extremely low transaction fees of blockchain technology, people can transfer money, pay bills, pay bank debts … very quickly and simply.

  1. USDV - Where is Vietnamdong used?
  • Phase I, 2019: After the development platform, you can use and pay in 64 provinces and cities in Vietnam. We will continue to support USDV which is used as a worldwide currency.
    We will list USDV on the best exchange available today. But phase I we will list on and , the number 1 exchange in Vietnam. Alternatively, you can exchange USDV on the Wavesdex platform.

  • Phase II 2020: We will develop the first digital bank in Vietnam. We provide all products and services of a bank in Vietnam. You can buy, sell and hold USDV to get the interest that banks in Vietnam are offering.
    In addition, we will link with most electronic payment services in Vietnam today, Momo, Vtcpay, Zalopay, VNmart … to best support USDV community around the world.
    We will support the conversion of USDV to VND or $ for 1 USDV = 1000VND = $ 0.0434. (price 1 USDV = 1000 VND)

  • Phase III: There will be a major migration when USDV’s blockchain platform is released. We will develop our own blockchain platform, independent of the Waves platform. We will link with the 6 biggest banks in Vietnam today, Vietbank, VPbank, TOUR, ACB, Agribank. To bring the best liquidity to USDV.

4 - Branding campaign.

  • Airdrop 3,000,000 USDV (500 million USDV paid to employees and partners) for members participating in our communication channels. We will have announcements on Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Fanpage facebook …

        Start , November 02, 2019 End December 10, 2019, UTC + 7
  1. USDV - Vietnamdong, information?

● Token name: USDV - Vietnamdong
● Symbol: USDV
● Decimal numbers: 3
● Total supply: 23,000,000 USDV (Market Cap: 23 billion VND - Vietnam Dong)
● Property ID: AMTWLxG4iJ8ddFx9nfyHskboqVm84GHL5kyEGj2RsMNn
● Telegram:
● Discord:
● Twitter :
● Facebook:
● Bitcointalk: