Utilizing this platform as a musician?

Hello all. My name is Amphlux. I am a electronica musician from the Midwest who is heavily involved with music, cryptocurrency, and blending the two concepts in creative and unique ways. I have been involved with being a ‘cryptomusician’ for over a year now, and I am on almost all major cryptostreaming sites (as well as legacy sites)
Involving cryptocurrency in my music, for me, is more than just the pursuit of wealth. I see many, many ways that crypto and music can be combined in creative ways. I am curious about trying to somehow build a coin/token where I implement some of these ideas and I am wondering if the WAVES platform is the best place to do it.

There is an abundance of free digital content online. So much so, ‘listen to my music for free’ is no longer enough of an incentive to draw people in, let alone asking for them to buy an album. My idea was to respect the listeners time by proposing the following idea: if listeners want they can download my album and email me and I will tip them a few AmphCoins from a pool of tokens ive created. This TIP could mean something like To Insure Plays.

Basically, I’m tipping a crypto to people asking them to at least give my ‘even less than free’ album a full listen through.

But the idea occurred to me it could be expanded upon. What if people decided to buy into the coin as a way to back me as a musician? Almost like a weird form of stock in a way, but not. Thing is im not really good at all those candlesticks and graphs and whatnot. I understand a lot of the technical aspects of crypto but the market aspects I’m just kinda noobish at. But maybe instead of really liking my music and buying an album for $10 USD maybe they could buy 10k of my custom coin from the WAVES DEX and hold onto it. Or something.

I don’t know. I’m a musician who is interested in incorporating crypto into music. I see the future as respecting the digital data = time = value paradigm, and I do respect anyone new willing to give my music a run through. I would be looking more for a coin that deals with audience interactivity more than any sort of digital system. I’m not paying people every time they listen to my stuff. I’m not looking to build a “verification of listen” tool to make sure people are listening when I tip them. None of that. Just a coin built around interactivity between the listeners and my music, based on trust.

Would a coin like that be something that could work on WAVES?

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Hello @Amphlux.
It is so cool, that musicians are interested in crypto.

To be honest, it is not clear to me why users/listeners should be interested in your token. Could you describe the use case of it please?

I’ve already made the coin and it is up and out there. Someone asked me a very very similar question @ikardanov so I would like to copy/paste my answer for you.

Why would people buy AmphluxCoin? What is the value of AmphluxCoin? Well, let me try to answer that, if I can.

Value is a subjective term which can be hard to define, as what is valuable to someone is not valuable to others.

Maybe the best way I can answer is by first proposing a set of questions if I may.
Do you find value in honestly providing wealth back to the musicians, artists and people who create the content?
Do you think mega-corps like Spotify taking 88% of the wealth, and giving 12% of the generated wealth back to the artists is insane?
Do you like the idea of tipping content creators, becoming involved with them as musicians, as artists, and encouraging their growth and success?
Do you find value in encrypted currencies permeated through blockchains?

From what I can see, a lot of people will do things such as tip content creators directly on platforms like Patreon, Kickstarter, IndieGogo and others, because they believe in those content providers. Some content creators also take cryptocurrencies as tips as well for the content they provide.

I built AmphluxCoin to be something like a crowdfunding mechanism, in a sense. I have music online that I wish for people to listen to. Listening to new music is an investment; the listener has to invest their time into new music they might not like or enjoy. I respect the time new users spend listening to my music, which is why I will give any new listeners of my content 1000 AmphluxCoin and links to my music for just promising to listen to all my music, and if they like it, share it. There is a ton of free digital content out there, so instead of offering my music for free, I wanted to try to do something better, offer a monetized gamified token that I can also share with listeners to show I appreciate them.

If a user wants to tip me or donate to me, I am all open for donations from things like Patreon. If someone would like something in return, they can exchange crypto and buy some AmphluxCoin to support me that way as well. The value of the coin is based upon my studio productions, performance as a music producer and live musician. I am also planning on offering mixing, mastering, remixing, post production, video work and Amphlux merchandise for AmphluxCoin. So there is that too.

By all means, AmphluxCoin isn’t a crypto you’d invest in, in hopes of it going to the moon. It isn’t built to be that at all. It is backed by me/Amphlux as a brand.

Why not interested, I have a friend who is well versed in music and at the same time exchanges cryptocurrency. One does not interfere with the other.