VISO payment system combines cryptocurrencies and regular payment methods into one ecosystem

What is VISO?

Cryptocurrencies are changing the world, eliminating boundaries for payments between countries. VISO creates an open ecosystem for payments, which is transparent and connected to such traditional means of payment as bank cards.

VISO’s technology know- how:

  • For buyers. Connect the cryptocurrency to the VISO wallet and obtain contactless payments from your smartphone at any place that accepts VISA PayWave or MasterCard PayPass within a mere 5 minutes.

  • For vendors. POS-infrastructure of SMART-terminals 3 in 1: a banking terminal, a cash desk and a payment terminal, with online reports of all purchases, on any device. Additionally, an online shop can be set up within only an hour.

What problem does VISO solve?

The speed, at which cryptocurrencies have penetrated regular payments, has until today been too slow. The transaction time for cryptocurrencies is not large, yet the ease of their use leaves much to be desired. VISO solves this problem through wallet technology and through the physical presence of payment terminals at sales locations.

How does VISO work?
VISO is a full cycle payment system, which combines in itself the entire collection of technologies for receiving
payments at sales locations, invoices and purchases in traditional currencies, through bank cards and in
cryptocurrency. Key elements of the VISO ecosystem will be:

  • A network of SMART banking terminals combined with cash desks, which allow you to complete purchases in cash, using regular bank cards and cryptocurrencies

  • VISO Card bank cards, which allow you to make payments from the VISO wallet in fiat money as well as

  • VISO Wallet, with combines traditional payment methods and the VITO cryptocurrency.

The VISO system incorporates traditional payment technologies with bank cards and new payment technologies based on cryptocurrencies. The combination of traditional payment methods as well as cryptocurrencies leads to a substantial decrease in costs for participants and a more transparent way of payments. The system permits payments at sales locations as well as online.

Didn’t you stop coopareting with Waves?

Not at all, Viso is still a very much a Project with Waves at the heart of it.

I am very keen to evolve the Waves Community in our project and engage with Waves Platform at every level. I myself will be attending Sasha’s Speech tomorrow at Binary District Digital Capital of the world.