Vostok Platform

Sasha Q&A

  • Vostok is not funded by Waves investors:

  • Really! When did you start coding vostok platform? What was your main goal before Vostok?

  • Didn’t you seperate developers from Waves Project? Alexey Gorobets and Sergey Tolmachev aren’t they Waves Developer or were?

  • You seperated developers from Waves [main] project to work on Vostok. You used same codes with waves, only changed some features and added new layers for more protection: like encryption changed or added decentralized 2fa.

Sasha says:
** * Open blockchains is not suited with bussiness from many perspective.**
_- Yes he is right! What is the solutions : Sidechains. Many project working on that. Cardano (IOHK), Lisk … _
_- What they offer; Same flexibility with private chains. _
- They are working on main project. Main coin wil not change in Ada or Lisk…

Aren’t they in the Same bussiness line [Waves and Vostok]?
* They are definetly in the same line. Blockchain everyday growing, flexibility are increasing for developers. As I said there is a sidechain for example. Project that run on open blockhain can develop new layer for bussiness without running new ICO and use different coin.

Will it hurt Waves price in the market?
_* Waves team never cared about waves price. They created many tokens that stole roles from Waves. What will we see with Vostok? _
* They will create main products like messaging app or social media platforms on Vostok platform. Doesn’t that count stoling Waves market? Check steemit project!

I want to say something to do Vostok investors. What will happen in future?
"Assume that hashgraph run their tech successfully. Vostok team will say that to do investors: " hey guys there is a huge demand to hashgraph tech and we saw that blockchain tech become old version. We decided to run a new ICO called Moscow :slight_smile: for bussiness. "

**Don’t be suprized. **
And every one should know that : they are running second company in the same line of bussiness. This is unethical. They already funded by investors to work on this line. All rights of Vostok Project belong to the Waves investors. Check the law in countries!

Edit: I have no problem with private chains. All problem that not giving all rights and benefit to the waves holder.

**Edit: One more edtion. Sasha said he will burn half of amount Mrt that will buy from the market. Yesterday he said : 500 waves will buy and 100 of them will burn. **
Warning: Not %50 of Mrt - %20 . everyday 100 Mrt will burn. That is equal to 365.000 Mrt will burn after 10 year. Don’t be suprised they bought already more than 200k from the market. :slight_smile: