Voting Platform using the Waves Platform

Despite my aversion to governments (states)

It’s a case of using the Waves Platform

A lunatic implemented waves lite a whole voting platform, where nobody knows who you voted for, but you can validate your vote, and confirm that it was counted right in the total votes

Faour is the name of the guy, he published in August I find his paper, it was the master’s thesis

Since 2004, different research was handling the challenges in the centralized voting systems, e-voting protocols and recently the decentralized voting. So electronic voting puts forward some prosecutions regarding the anonymity, the secure casting of the votes and to prevent the voting process from frauding. The Decentralized property of the technology called “blockchain” could have the solution for many of the challenges in voting research area and brings a new secure mechanism of safe and transparent voting. In this paper, a broad comparison between the current electoral systems has studied by analyzing their structure and the drawbacks that should be considered in future to improve the whole election process from keeping the voter’s privacy, casting a vote with the possibility to check if it was counted correctly to publishing the results. The result of the paper will give a new approach to extend the target of the election from small scale to large scale despite the fact of Ethereum limitation which can cast on the blockchain just five votes per minute. The primary challenge is to find an answer to this question: “How to balance between voter privacy and transparency without breaking the important rule where the voter can proof for a specific candidate that I have voted for him in a bribe situation?”

1802.10134.pdf (1.6 MB)