Warning from a Forked Waves Blockchain

[appender-46] c.w.mining.MinerImpl - Error mining Block: BlockAppendError(Irrelevant block,Block(559Zb7FJUaGp5TS9r4rRVVwJAbqcYTwip3EmbQDbWzw1ggYRepbMciYxKSKtb84fnshhh3jeFKMYApQvHNbtoKfB -> 5hvvy7A…, txs=0, features=Set()))

I forked from Waves and I go through some of the log and I found out that there seems to be some warning in my own blockchain.

I just want to make sure it is nothing serious, or someone can you please explain to me what warning is it about, and is there any concern?


Can you check the height of the blockchain on your node? There is a tool to check are you on a fork or not:

In general, it is ok when some blocks are not valid and can be rejected.

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So that warning is not so serious. I will try out the tool tomorrow morning. 3am in Singapore. :frowning: