WAU Coin. The best performing crypto in 2018

ok i checked Waves World token. it opened in jun at .001 waves. ITs now at .0009699. Thats a massive loss. so no redfish, waves world token isnt even close to best performing, its one of the worst

WAU Coin on the other hand opened in January at .011 waves and is now at .477 over 40x gain in waves and almost 10x in USD gain. WAU Coin is definitely the best performing waves asset in 2018 that I know of, and is the best performing digital currency on earth that I can find since its release

There’s not to get wau coin from airdrop?

WAU coin is the best coin to invest in right now it consistently makes new All time highs and unlike other tokens such as surge you can sell whenever you want with no time limit. All market participants are treated fairly.

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So I actually didn’t know anything about Waves or anything called Wau coin before recently but then after seeing it moving up the market rankings steadily so I thought I’d do some research into it and get to know it and enlighten myself. and also want to know if it’s the right currency to invest in.
I see lots of people on this forum and few other places talking about this coin but can’t see the same thing, I can say there is almost zero interest in this coin and yet it is continuing to pump massively.
But I’m gonna try to check my crypto signal group to see if I can find anything about this coin. you can check for yourselves too Best paid crypto signals or free crypto signals? in case I don’t give you my feedback when I find out. or please if you understand my problem you can help me with clarification, please.