WAU Coin. The best performing crypto in 2018

WAU Coin Decentralised exchange: https://beta.wavesplatform.com
Digital Currency Laboratories developer link: https://digitalcurrencylaboratories.simdif.com
Medium Channel : https://medium.com/@solarfarmer111
Bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2544231

WAU Coin - Wow Appreciating Unit

WAU Coin is a paradigm shift for capital markets in the history of trading on earth.
A historic moment has found you right now.

Official Name - Wow Appreciating Unit
Moniker - WAU Coin
Ticker - WAU Coin
Base trading pair - waves / wau coin
asset ID - Lite wallet and waves DEX ID - FhsFXnMnZYk2nFQGfcd9rCmDaKYYxqhmDrExUTtDYAtC

Fixed Max Supply 1,000,000 coins
Network - WavesNG Blockchain Network platform

WAU Coin Wallet - https://beta.wavesplatform.com

WAU Coin Decentralised exchange: https://beta.wavesplatform.com

Digital Currency Laboratories developer link: https://digitalcurrencylaboratories.simdif.com
Medium Channel : https://medium.com/@solarfarmer111

No Mining, No WAU will ever be issued beyond the total 1,000,000 fixed supply

WAU coin is the worlds first Appreciating Monetary Unit or AMU. It is the first freely tradeable digital currency designed for the purpose of going up in value.
WAU Coin was built to be the ultimate SOV Store of Value digital currency ever created.
Feedback loops, geometric sells, permanent buywall for all outstanding coins, and fixed extreme low supply are the keys to making the WAU Coin work.
WAU Coin also features low cost ultrafast transactions on the fastest blockchain ever, and 24/7 fungibility into Bitcoin, Waves, Zcash, Litecoin, and US$.
The WAU COIN system provides 100pct liquidity so you can cash in or out to Waves, Bitcoin, or US$, 24 hours a day 7 days a week from any device anywhere in the world. Because of the permanent rising buywall for all outstanding coins , liquidity for any sell, without volume limit, is guaranteed.

WAU is an answer to the endless crashing of all capital markets through time in the history of earth. It represents the end of capital markets creating poverty and a complete removal of the fear from total collapse. WAU Coin is a paradigm shift for digital stores of value. Instead of fear and greed driven capitalism, WAU Coin represents mutual prosperity driven capitalism. WAU Coin is truly historic.

WAU or WOW Appreciating Unit is NOT a security. It is a 100% fully functioning Digital Currency utilizing mathematical models for a permanently rising buywall of outstanding Coins.
This is NOT an ICO


I don’t even know how people come up with this stuff. Hilarious!


Whats even more amazing is this WAU Coin is up over 700% in waves since January release all during a mega crash in all cryptos


WAU Coin is actually awesome. It has steadily beat everything for months, and the formula is sound


Dude, did you see how well it has done? IT may be a small coin but even the village idiot can see it has done better than EVERY SINGLE COIN on the waves platform for along time

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Really good idea here…surprised no one else had thought of that :wink:

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There has been one other ‘successful’ attempt by yobit called yovi that appears to somewhat work, but it has strict rulebased system that leaves most people unable to sell. yovi moves so slowly that it still lost $ in 2018. you can not sell yovi at will.

WAU Coin looks like the first cryptocurrency for going up that actually works and allows buying and selling at any time. Yams you are a mod too, are you fucking mods retared or just have your own coins that suck and crashed?

WAU Coin is a great thing for crypto, it set targets last year and has performed without fail beating everything in gains on every exchange that I know of. You mods seem like stupid pricks


The funny thing about this forum, is that mods are shitposting on the #1 performing digital currency on the market for 2018. The WAU devs came up with an algo that works and increases value to holders during market bulls and market crashes. WAU Coin seems to be meeting the goal of being the best store of value, and because everything else went to shit, WAU is the #1 crypto since january ( when it started). Why are the mods here shitposting one of the few great cryptos on any platform? Yams, what is your coin that crashed so hard?


Well I must admit I haven’t really looked into Wow Appreciating Unit Coin. I’m quite interested to know what a geometric sale is?

I took the liberty to ban the user ‘money’ for a few months. Deleting his posts because he was constantly being a dick became tiresome.


Yes I think a time out was needed :smiley:

got this on my watchlist. its been strong as a bull. when waves stops crashin im gonna pick up a hundred or so

The WAU train just hit another new all time high in waves. Choo Choo

funny here :joy: bullish coin ^)

dang! wau hit over $.90, .398 waves. Is there a bigger gaining crypto on the planet for 2018? its been straight up for 9 months .011 to .398 during the the cryptopocalypse is pretty freaking great

Yeah and still only 13 accounts holding WAU coin in their wallet and two accounts that trade with each other, pushing up the price :wink:

source 1: http://dev.pywaves.org/assets/FhsFXnMnZYk2nFQGfcd9rCmDaKYYxqhmDrExUTtDYAtC
source 2: https://wavesexplorer.com/address/3P43VHhnTePpkahnX3ib2FAaMmaQqJzzs5s


id rather have a crypto with a few users that performs flawlessly than a crypto with 20 million users that loses money, but hey I get that some people are PAID to fud cryptos that outperform their paymasters. WAU coin has been gaining $ for a long time while EVERYTHING else has been dying off

In which way are facts FUD? I just pointed out that the price increase is due to 2 accounts trading with each other, while in total only 13 accounts hold WAU Coin. These are red flags.


have you ever heard of a market maker? really your ‘facts’? whatever dude. they are following the roadmap perfectly. a low supply coin that has performed great during a crypto bloodbath. Im pretty sure you like airdrop scam tokens with 1,000,000 wallets and no value. lol pretty funny that you are a mod here. Nice avatar

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