Wave school

Good day, I have recently completed Wave School’s FREE course on BlockChain Tech & Cryptocurrency.

  1. Created an account on the recommended Exchange

  2. Set up my account on the Exchange

  3. Entered my seed phrase by Wave Exchange

    I am faced with a message relating that I’m 10 USDN short to continue with the receipt of my FREE certificate (& tokens).

    Can someone help me understand, if this is an error in the system, or some sort of silly joke! I saw FREE, and thus acted upon a FREE educational initiative. Now I’m being told PAY.

    Help please!


True. I also took the course out of curiosity, following your post. And it asks me for 10 USDN too.

On the website homepage it says, in fact, “Learn for free”. And there is no doubt that it is.

But if you want the certificate you have to pay. :sweat_smile:

It also says “Pass the program and earn an NFT certificate proving your mastery of cryptocurrency + Earn $ 15 worth of tokens from the Waves Ecosystem on completion.”

From this, instead, it is implied that it should be released for free.