Wave wallet issue

My waves is in reserved status how can you remove them and put them on balance?

It seems you have an open trade!

It seems? How did that resolve the matter? Also, Waves had not answered this problem. And if you are part of Tech support at Waves, how did that fix the problem?

You have to cancel all orders on DEX.
You can find more information here https://docs.wavesplatform.com/en/waves-client/mobile-apps/android/waves-dex/start-trading-on-the-waves-dex.html#more-info

Or if you can’t handle it by yourself please contact support.wavesplatform.com

As I’am no official support; I can speak only from my personal experience and it sounds like a open order.

If you were not brain dead you could figure that out by yourself or at least how to resolve the problem knowing there is an open order…

Thanks, that was seen!