Waves DEX Feature Requests

Hello, Waves community!
We are exploring ways to improve our decentralized exchange and feedback from our community is highly valued. If you have any suggestions, please write them here. Waves team members will read your comments and discuss them further with you if necessary. We will implement all viable and worthwhile improvements.


that’s great news Tatiana!

I would like to see linkable markets, like:


this would help link building, with backlinks from sites like coinmarketcap

UPDATE_ I actually noticed that every single market has a unique url when logged in, but they are so long and not so “seo friendly”

And a decentralized referral program

Here is how it could work.
Your referral code is you waves alias. Eg. @Sashka

A referral link has the same waves alias in the url, and is redirected to WavesDEX homepage

Then, each referral it’s stamped on the blockchain. You will be able to see that @Sashka introduced those new users to WavesDEX

Sashka will earn waves or BTC depending on his referrals trading volume (fees generated for the network) and his average waves holdings.

I think that could be great to see the community marketing WavesDEX and be rewarded in a decentralized way for bringing real volume, fees to the network

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I think most important things are

  • Big volume
  • Enough coins, especially those popular ones
  • Not centralised gateways, but atomic swaps
  • Add decentralised stable coin DAI
  • Somehow incentive the traders maybe introduce games with trading included.
    - If they will reach certain volume in trades, they can have some benefits. (access to inside info for trading, lower fees, they can earn wct or other tokens)
    - They can compete in some kind of ledder with highest positions be rewarded each month. Eg. waves can has some fund (from trading fees, or leasing) wich will be distributed between top traders in ledder. Also it can be in some form of game, that people with biggest gains per trade, can be higher in ledder then people with more volume. Or they can win some NFT tokens. Tradisys can be helpful, they are very good in this area. But those games, ledder etd. would have to exclude trading bots for sure. I would make it for ordinary people
    - Create market place for bots. I would be happy to go to some marketplace, where can I see which bots are profitable, and invest in this bot, so it can trade with my money. I would still hold my money, bcs of DEX, that would be amazing.
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Implement cancelable orders with priority lock and timeout.
E.g. I place market order to buy some WAVES for WBTC. I want:

  • to have, lets say, 1 minute to decide should I complete the order or cancel it
  • to have a priority (“lock”) on matching part of orderbook over other traders, within that minute
  • I will pay extra fee for this option. Probably the fee will depend on timeout*amount_locked

I fully agree with this idea.

I second that. Incentives for traders who generate fees (not just volume) for the network.
Actually simdaq (simdaq.com) will be a waves community project which includes a marketplace for trading bots. I don’t know how far they are in the process, but I think that somehow they can create “a bridge” to WavesDEX

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i just want a trading ui like waves lite client. that is far superior than the new client in terms of convenience. i can trade with fewer inputs with the lite client and i still use it for trading.
-give option to turn off the chart(you can simply scroll down on lite client)
-show open orders and trade history without having to click anything like lite client
-same for the buy and sell sections, 2 seperate section for buying and selling

you can actually compare the lite clients dex to binance and see they are very similar, meanwhile the new client looks more like bittrex which is a practically dead exchange.

also, please find a better solution than coinomat.

I have a small suggestion to make. Today some coins pumped in terms of price and volume. After investigating a bit I quickly found out that a huge percentage of the volume was address 1 buying from adress 1. Another large percentage came from adress 2 buying from adress 2. So just one person buying from himself, without involving a second adress.
This is an example: https://wavesexplorer.com/tx/XrVbrLeS8PEwWqWwauBLeeEB3hVY5ABuoAkvsygCmkv

What do you think about excluding those transactions, where only 1 adress is involved, from the volume calculation and the last trades section?


Trading between the same address is OK. The network gets fee, the trader pays fee. If you exclude this from calculating volume, he will use 2 of his own addresses or more. So let him do whatever he wants

I’m going to listen :slight_smile:

Сделать чтобы держатели Waves получали дивиденды от общего объема торгов на площадке за сутки. Как на бирже KuCoin. https://kucoin.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360014925893-About-KuCoin-Bonus . И бесплатный краны для желающих раздавать свои токены и желающие их собирать.Как на бирже YoBit.Net или на https://crex24.com/ru/faucets Это привлечет как инвесторов так и простых собирателей токенов.

Makes sense. You would assume: in order to be able to distribute trading fees to holders, we must first attract traders who generate those fees.
But quite the contrary is true: traders are attracted by the fact that holding that coin gets you trading revenue share AND makes you pay the most favorable fees on YOUR trades

Waves already has a “trading fee distribution”. It’s called leasing and it’s for all the transactions happening on the waves blockchain, not just trades on wavesdex

Maybe it’s just time for a rebranding of the leasing feature?

The message should be clear: all the trading fees on Wavesdex go to the waves network participants (node operators, traders, holders) not a company (unlike those big centralized exchanges)

New proposal: an “hide small amount” switch in the integrated Wallet on Wavesdex
Normally, exchanges use that button so that users can hide tokens they have small amount of.

My proposal is for that switch to hide small amount in dollars

IF total value of holdings of a particular token < 0.10 USD, then pushing the switch hides all those tokens

The problem with the spam tokens is that they are distributed in very small amounts, and doesn’t even make them worth exchanging on Wavesdex

So, if you implement the hide small amount switch the way I suggest, you both give users a popular feature on exchanges, and mitigate the spam problem.

Let me know if you guys like this simple idea, with a +100 reply, thank you :slight_smile:

One thing I noticed is that new gateways on DEX are always of established tokens. It’s the safe thing to do.
But traders want to trade the new things.

Here is how I usually adopt a new exchange:

I personally knew nothing about Gate.io , and registered on gate just because of a new coin that wasn’t listed on big exchanges, then I became a frequent trader.

Bring great, engadged community, of a technically valid project

I would love to see Ergo Mainnet gateway: it’s one great example
or Cypherium (Emin is an advisor)

or Avalanche (Emin is founder)

And also announcing some ERC20 tokens only traded on IDEX… I simply refuse to trade on there, but I would love to trade some of thse projects on Wavesedex

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