Waves.Exchange account hacked

I was staking my waves on the waves.exchange app. I checked them yesterday after about 9 months of staking and they were gone. If any of you are savy to look at a wallet and see what happened I would appreciate your help. My account was 3PFYKhnGp4GQzcNhFYjcyAZWYpvAVDRtJ4b My PUBLIC key is 9Www4koJZxjJiSRmAn47bG33QxNBMYdZgb6o3DikpkaQ The money was removed from the staking wallet and sent to this wallet /account 3PCnAuSog4kutC6LRSn1Zp3WTYPkNgmwYEF I would love to learn how many Waves tokens went to that last address. Are my 58 waves tokens still there? How many tokens in total went through this wallet. It might be a hacker who unstaked my funds and stole them. I just know they went to that address which is not connected to ANY of my exchanges or wallets. I tried using explorer already but I am not savy enough to figure this out. Thanks!

Most probably, you either compromised your account in some way OR used already compromised one

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Possible of course but I never copied my private key. I simply moved my coins to the staking wallet and was done. I noticed that this address had many waves tokens sent to it and than converted to Monero on a decentralized swap site. My wallet was one of many. I think this is concerning about the security of the waves-exchange platform. You can see how many people were screwed by googling this address 3PCnAuSog4kutC6LRSn1Zp3WTYPkNgmwYEF

What do you mean by “I simply moved my coins…”? Did you send your Waves to another address that doesn’t belong to you?

I checked your address. No, this is not the case.
Is there a possibility that you have participated in the airdrop by entering sensitive data on some website or app?

I moved my coins from your regular wallet to a staking wallet. They stayed there for awhile as I would go back and check on the interest. Than 3 months later I checked the balance and they were gone and swapped out for Monero. I have 5 different wallets on my phone and this is the first time that something like this has ever happened to me. I have published articles about Bitcoin and other Cryptos. I’m familiar with securing my coins. I have no idea what happened.

There is too little information to understand how this could have happened.

First of all, what do you mean by “regular” wallet?
A Waves official wallet or an unofficial wallet? Desktop, mobile or web? All Waves official wallets support staking, therefore it would not have been necessary to move the coins to put them in staking.

And what is the name of the “staking wallet” where did you move them?

I bet the “staking wallet” was under control of scammer from the very beginning.