Waves Full Node api with Complete PHP

Hi Guys ,

There are restapis for Full Node, Its been a tough cookie to crack on .

I would like to offer my services to everyone who wants to implement Waves Full API using PHP.

It would include following

1.Speediest way of Creating Mainnet/Testnet on your droplet
[Currently it takes a few of days to sync. Provide me ssh for same day sync both mainnet+testnet]
2.API Setup
[API Setup for External IP, API KEY setup]
3.API Class Setup
[Quick API Class Setup to Cover https://docs.wavesplatform.com/en/development-and-api/waves-node-rest-api.html, Like, Create address, Deposit identification, Instant Withdrawal of waves and assets and many more]

Same services has been implement to codono.com exchange software.

I am not sure if I am allowed to share my email [turndealer -at- g m a i l .com]