Waves gone after not checking 2years

Hi there,

Can anyone help me with locating some waves. Bought in 2017 and send to below adress. I can still see the coins sitting there on the waves explorer website. However in my wavesliteapp the balance is zero… In the wavesliteapp there are no transactions whatsoever. On wavesexplorer however there are countless transactions (all look incoming) but i do not know what they mean. I paired wavesliteapp with waves.explorer but that didnt do anything. Need to send them to a different wallet. Any help is much appreciated!

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What do you mean?
What happens if you try to import your account with your seed or private key?

Hi. I installed the waves exchange wallet on my phone and paired it with the wavesliteapp on my PC. So now both are showing the wallet with the mentioned adress.

I have a new wallet, but how can i import anything to there, from the waveslite or wavesexchange, if the balance shows zero, i dont know

First of all check that you have not entered the “seed” incorrectly and check that you have not obtained a different address.
After that, if you still need support, you can contact Waves.Exchange Customer Service via the app.

My friend lost some dogecoin, he didn’t log in doge wallet for so many days and he lost all after 1 year back.

On Waves, you don’t have to log in to be safe. All you have to do is write down your seed (15 words) on a piece of paper and keep it in a safe place. That simple

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