WAVES issued per block

From my understanding, 6 WAVES are issued for every block generated. Block 1957625 had 2 transactions. I understand wanting to get paid for verifying blocks, but this level of payout is completely unsustainable. Inflation has to be in accordance with an expanded user bas or WAVES will never gain any value & even your 6 coins per block will end up not paying you. On the other hand, 100 million coins is not a lot & WAVES itself is worth $10 if we could get the volume up on the exchange. Right now WAVES has little loyalty amongst traders & is often sold at a loss just to catch a BTC pump. We really need to start a dialogue regarding the amount of WAVES generated per block, or just resign to the idea that WAVES itself will always be worthless & if there is going to be any value here it will be in other projects on this blockchain.


Your train of thought is very clear to me, in many ways I agree with you