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Welcome to Waves Lab thread!

Waves Lab is a blockchain technology incubator. We are focused on supporting of talented developers and entrepreneurs, which offer viable and scalable business models based on the infrastructure of Waves blockchain platform.

To get started, we recommend you to read the following materials:

:small_blue_diamond: Study of ICO projects that issued tokens on Waves

:small_blue_diamond: How the projects are selected for Waves Lab participation?

:small_blue_diamond: Some projects that are going to ride on Waves from the ecosystem https://medium.com/waves-lab/meet-the-projects-that-ride-on-waves-bad8deb99cf2

We also prepared several helpful for using Waves platform materials:

:small_blue_diamond: Knowledge base

:small_blue_diamond: «Waves Ecosystem Visualized»

:small_blue_diamond: Block by block: building a complete blockchain ecosystem — https://blog.wavesplatform.com/block-by-block-building-a-complete-blockchain-ecosystem-f6205b3c090c

Our residents in the media:

:mega: You can fill in the application for participation in the incubator program here: https://goo.gl/9t5T5W

Our site: http://waveslabs.com/
Our Medium blog: https://medium.com/waves-lab
Facebook: http://fb.me/waveslabpage
Twitter: https://twitter.com/waveslabs