WAVES Lend - Loan assets, get interest!

Hello everyone

We are close to finalizing our WALE (Waves Lend) platform. Run by smart assets and smart contracts through Waves. We are creating a peer to peer lending platform powered by waves, our focus is to let people lend funds to companies and in turn receive interest as companies store waves in collatoral. More information about the exact functionality will be revealed later.

Soon the WALE token will launch on Waves DEX under the following conditions:

  • USD and WAVES supported
  • USD interest will be slightly higher due to stability of value
  • 1:1 exchange ratio (this is for correct interest payment)
  • Receive 1-3% interest / month (in WAVES)
  • Receive 1-4% interest / month (in USD)
  • Smart contract functionality will determine what % the lender is assigned.
  • Deposit age minimum to withdraw = 30-60 days depending on amount to be refunded.

Example WALE functionality with 100 USD collateral:

  • Buy 100 WALE = 100 USD
  • Hold 100 WALE for minimum 1 month
  • 1% up to 3% interest (depending on overall borrower payments)
  • WALE holder receives 1 to 3 USD in wallet

Example WALE functionality with 100 WAVES collateral:

  • Buy 100 WALE = 100 WAVES
  • Hold 100 WALE for minimum 1 month
  • 1% up to 3% interest (depending on overall borrower payments)
  • WALE holder receives 1 to 3 WAVES in wallet

Roadmap (subject to few changes)

  • Raise project awareness through social media
  • Launch official website
  • Launch WALE project on DEX
  • Waves Keeper integration on website
  • Launch WALE project on website
  • Accept other currencies on the platform

Stay tuned here for more information!
We will keep you updated through this forum post, so check regularly.
Don’t ask for free airdrops because that’s not how this project works.
Our team is already actively informing for business inquiries so maybe there will be a few loans avaible at higher interest rates during the launch of the project.

We are glad to announce we have already found 2 local businesses interested in taking a loan from us. We are working to provide a temporary website for information purposes.

We will soon post more information here in this post!
Prospected loans amounts are as follows:

Loan 1 (starting woodworking business in Belgium): USD 35,000.00- @ 11% annual (5 year term)
Loan to be used for buying new woodworking machinery. Collatoral provided is the newly purchased machinery.

Loan 2 (artisanal cheese business in the Netherlands): USD 65,000.00- @ 12.5% annual (3 year term)
Loan to be used for building additional storage space. Collatoral provided are 5 delivery vans “Citroën Berlingo”.

Investing in these loans does not require you to lock your funds, withdrawing funds is possible at any time, but interest is paid only 1x / month. Withdrawing period depends on available funds to replace the invested kapital to be withdrawn.

WavesLend update!

Capital for both loans now active on $Waves DEX
WLusd / USD pair, 110,000.00- WLusd available.

For more information visit our temporary website: waveslend.simplesite.com
We are ful at work on the WavesLend platform website with full WavesKeeper browser extension wallet integration.

Thank you

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Wow, I think this is a big budget for a loan, so what does it mean that I can borrow this from this source? Since I believe that it is possible to find a suitable option for your future business, I decided that the priority is to take a large loan that can cover a large number of resources. However after asking on various forums about this I was recommended to use this source https://credit-10.com/se/smspengar-logga-in/ which allows you to select the desired percentage and budget, but thanks to Waves I now have another source, Thank you!

nice project, also list in other exchanges to leverage in 2020.

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