Waves messenger with mix of Telegram and Toshi

I see that messenger is something on the roadmap and I’m not sure how in depth this idea is.

I believe that whoever perfects the messenger with crypto tokens will have a huge adoption head start.

I asked sasha in a chat about competing with Telegram chat with waves messenger and he said something like “why compete with something that already works great” (paraphrasing). I think this is wrong way to think!

A few years ago Get Gems was released On a telegram with Bitcoin and Gems integration. It was like using Telegram but you had ways to send BTC to your whole contact list easily like hitting attachment button. I believe to this day that it is the reason Telegram became the go to place for crypto. Problem with Gems was that it was a counterparty token and fees were high among other problems. (shady devs?) But it did make it user friendly and having a wallet integrated with a chat app was easy for people to understand.

Toshi is trying to do something similar but it is for etherium tokens. Its also supported by Coinbase. If waves focused on something like this, it can blow Toshi out of the water because the platform is fast, cheap and has many other advantages. (as we all know!)

I am just putting the idea out there to make this a priority! People understand messaging apps… want to send waves or a token, just click the paper clip like everything else.

Thanks for reading!

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