Waves Mining. Mining Platform Leasing in the Cloud!

By using WavesMining, you will really earn waves from mining, you will not regret our services, we are 100% committed to our miners. Our professionalism characterizes us as what we are.

About WavesMining.
We are a mining platform that offers leases for wave mining in the cloud. We have several waves nodes and we mine with our own farms that we have spread across several parts of the world and thus be able to help all our clients obtain maximum performance and benefit. Our mining works 24 hours a day.

Safe & Secure
Your waves are protected and you will always be 100% secure, our system is protected with innovative security systems.

Get Started With WavesMining is easy.

Create Your Account
Create your free account in WavesMining.

Deposit in Your Wallet
Deposit waves into your WavesMining account.

Purchase a Miner
Buy the mining plan that suits your needs.

Join WavesMining

Sign up at WavesMining and earn waves with your lease and with 5% of the people you recommend our mining platform.

Mining plans waves.

When you buy and activate your mining plan at the administrative office every day, profits from wave mining will be generated.

  1. Indicate the profit per day.

  2. Indicate the profit acumulate

  3. Indicates the minimum withdrawal from the contracted plan. When the plan balance reaches the minimum withdrawal, it is automatically transferred to the balance sheet and that is when you can request the withdrawal of your earnings.

Website: https://wavesmining.cloud

MicroBT WhatsMiner firmware
This firmware allows to use ASICs in immersion system by enabling fan check option. Supporting all devices from m2x and m3x series.