Waves not importing ETH transaction

I wanted to move BTC from Binance to Waves. I notice ETH is an option and that seemed less expensive than the BTC option, so I go to Waves and get an ETH deposit address:


I later notice no ETH on that address, but I do see Erc20 Token Txns has Binance Wrapped BTC on it. I suspect Waves doesn’t support this yet. So now I’m here looking for help. Is there something I need to do to consume the tokens first?

Alternatively, I have my Waves seed. I suspect it is used to create a ETH private key which was used to create the public key for this transaction? How can I get the private key and maybe push the tokens back to Binance so I can move them using BTC? How would you proceed?

Please use waves.exchange online chat for support

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For the next person coming along who may have this problem, here is what I found:

Send the coins from your external wallet to this address. Make sure you are sending the correct coin, or your funds will be lost. Also, note that you can't send ERC20 tokens – only ETH


At this point I think my only hope is to learn how the deposit addresses are created by the Waves Windows application, and hope that the private key is accessible on my local filesystem, or perhaps via an algorithm based on my Waves seed.

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